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  • If the webpage for CAREWare 6 is going to be accessible over the internet, be sure to use a certificate for the website. You can use the HTTP tool CAREWare provides utilizing Apache or configure a reverse proxy and binding within Microsoft IIS. The idea is to be sure you are using HTTPS over HTTP.
  • If upgrading the database from CAREWare 5 to CAREWare 6, it may take several hours to be usable. You may need to keep watch on the logs in case of excessive errors and contact JProg CAREWare Help Desk, if they continue. 
  • The Business Tier application works exactly the way it did for CAREWare 5.
  • When restarting the Business Tier, there may be a long delay after starting before the application is usable again. When you stop the Business Tier, it may be good to wait for a minute then start it up. After that, wait up to 5 minutes and then restart the HTTP service for CAREWare 6, otherwise the webpage will fail to load.
  • If you run the Business Tier and HTTP Tier on two separate servers, be sure to allow Port 8000 to the Business Tier server, as the HTTP service travels through that port to contact the Business Tier.
  • All customization within CAREWare 5 will move over to CAREWare 6, if upgrading.
  • CAREWare 6 uses the default CWTEMP login information if the database is new; recommend changing that password or disabling the account.
  • Recommended to have that Business Tier and Database not available to the internet and on a separate server from the Webpage for better security.
  • For info on how to install CW6, click here.
  • For info on how to upgrade from CW5 to CW6, click here.


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